**Urgent Action for 42nd District Constituents** Needed by Noon Wednesday!

Ericksen Recall Update. Have you been unsuccessful trying to communicate with Senator Ericksen during this legislative session? Emails unanswered, phone calls not returned? Maybe you went to Olympia to meet with him and no show? We need your help NOW. We need sworn statements from as many constituents as possible detailing unproductive attempts to communicate with him this legislative session. Many apologies for asking for this information a second time – last week we did not realize the proper format needed for submitting these claims as evidence. We are all learning a lot through this (very rare) recall process so thanks for your patience!

Please print the attached template and fill it out following the guidelines suggested below.

Please scan and email it to Michael Shepard at doubledippingdoug@gmail.com  

You can also email me to arrange a drop off or pickup if you do not have a scanner/printer.

The Template Document is attached here: template-recall-constituent-declaration

Help Build Recall Evidence

We are preparing as much evidence as possible for our recall hearing on March 2nd at 8:30 in Whatcom County Superior Court. You can help us build our case by sending a description of your attempts to contact Senator Ericksen since January 2017. We are looking to show evidence of his unavailability to constituents. So any details on date, time, method of contact (phone, email, in person) and if you got any response are useful. You are welcome to remain anonymous. Please email to doubledippingdoug@gmail.com

If you have any other materials you think are useful, please let us know.


Too Busy With Racist Social Media Trolling

While a coordinated campaign to hold Sen. Ericksen accountable to his constituents continues, Doug has time for racist social media posting. Please let Doug know that he has a job in Olympia and we do not pay him to compare the inconvenience of a billionaire to the hard won civil rights struggle. Please contact the Senator with your concerns.
Email: Doug@SenatorEricksen.com
Phone: (360) 786-7682
Mail: P.O. Box 40442 Olympia, WA 98504

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.25.48 AM.png

Campaign Update: Recall Charges Delivered

On Thursday February 9th a dozen voters from the 42nd District and their children delivered charges for the recall of Senator Doug Ericksen to Whatcom County Auditor Debbie Adelstein. Numerous members of the media were on hand. Delivery of the charges begins the process of a recall. We can not accept signatures yet, but please stay tuned. Next the Auditor serves the charges to Doug and the Superior Court of Washington. The court must approve the charges prior to any collection of signatures. We hope that happens within the next two weeks. If successful, we will start a grassroots effort to collect the 18,000+ signatures needed from 42nd District voters. We have been featured in numerous papers and a recent Herald article is linked below. There have been exceptional letters to the editor throughout all the county newspapers, including Blaine, Lynden, Ferndale and Bellingham! Great work keep it up.

Herald Video and Article