Double Dipping Doug – $161K Federal + $45K+ State

Hi Everyone – Our double dipping friend is back in the news. As of yesterday he continues to deny knowing his $161,000 federal salary! The pay stub is attached below and marked 2/28/17. I’ve never made so much money that I don’t notice huge taxpayer paychecks. What is he hiding? Maybe the fact that his position is not really temporary? He’s never given proof. Help us create a Twitter Blitz that “informs” our clueless Senator of his double dipping taxpayer income. Have you ever missed a $6,000 taxpayer deposit?

Sample Twitter Posts
Hey @wheresdoug42 thought you needed help finding your double dipping salary ahh we have your pay stub here’s a copy

Help RT so @Doug_Ericksen can learn his double dipping federal salary of $161K + $45K from WA ST #waleg

Here are two articles Crosscut and a highly critical Seattle PI

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