Campaign reflection, next steps and small funding request

Dear Doug Ericksen Accountability Supporters – I want to thank you again for all your effort and assistance during this campaign. We did not get the decision we were hoping for in court yesterday, but we are undeterred. See press release here. It was ultimately unsuccessful to argue that Ericksen did not meet a minimum standard for attendance, work, presence or responsiveness. Since there are no minimum standards in the state constitution, you can essentially do nothing and still get paid. Voters must wait until a regular election to have their say (which we will!). The second challenge with our petition was that we provided important evidence that the court was unwilling to consider. While it is common practice to amend civil hearing charges based on new evidence, this was not allowed in the highly rare recall petition setting. We provided important evidence about Ericksen’s misuse of public per diem funds when not in the state and Ericksen even had to admit he inappropriately took this money. However, his lawyer objected to the new evidence and modified charges. The judge determined that this evidence could not be considered. The judge did acknowledge that this evidence could trigger a subsequent recall petition, leaving the door wide open for such future action. We will continue advocating for accountable representation and fiscal responsibility from our lawmakers. Next steps include a new Legislative Ethics Board complaint and working for new legislation around minimum work guidelines. We hope to see you tomorrow at the Town Hall meeting

Finally: we have incurred some modest ($350) expenses from our campaign for petition filing, printing and licensing. If you can help offset this money that we’ve paid out of pocket, it would be greatly appreciated. Please click here to make a small donation. 

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