Where’s Doug Event: Feb 9th 4-5:30 PM

Please visit our FB Page for the invite


Action Memo: Where’s our missing State Senator?
: Thursday February 9th 4-5:30 PM
Where: I-5 at Meridian Exit in Whatcom County
Description: 42nd District constituents are looking for their missing State Senator!

Senator Ericksen has taken a second full-time job in Washington D.C. While many join him in his excitement at being part of the transition, here’s the problem: he’s not showing up for his full-time job representing the 42nd District in Olympia, Washington! As a result, his absence is impacting the entire state because he’s shown up for just 75% of committee meetings he chairs.

Objectives: To make it clear that despite what he says, his constituents think he should show up for his job. Public response and media attention after last week’s press conference. We would like to have 50 people there with signs to make it clear that his constituents are not happy that he’s missing.

Message: 42nd District Constituents are looking for their State Senator. Have you seen Doug? He’s in DC and hasn’t been showing up for his full-time job in Olympia, Washington. That means that the people of the 42nd have no representation in Olympia and work there is on hold while he tries out a new job in D.C.

We ask that he choose 1 job and stick with it.

We encourage you to message on the following topics in your signs and posts:

  • Where’s Doug?
  • Where’s my State Senator?
  • Do you get paid when you don’t show up?
  • Pick a job and stick with it!
  • Do your job
  • Paid to skip 75%+ of scheduled meetings
  • Double Dipping on taxpayer dime
  • My employer expects me to show up for work!
  • Absence obstructs State Legislative work and wastes money
  • Time to Exit Doug
  • Hey boss! Can I not show up for work too?

Needs: Bring signs, dress as Waldo, wear bright colors, make it fun and humorous

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wheres-Doug-Ericksen-281259425623795/
Twitter: @wheresdoug42
Email: doubledippingdoug@gmail.com

Resources: The website has lots of articles from the media, our legislative ethics violation complaint and info on our upcoming recall effort. The petition is good for sharing and building up a supporter database.

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/events/1283024485076401/
Website https://halfworkhalfpay.wordpress.com/
Petition https://www.change.org/p/doug-ericksen-demand-that-senator-ericksen-resign-or-refund-taxpayers-of-wa-state-for-half-his-salary



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