Campaign Update

Awesome work on this grassroots effort. We are getting broad attention with our “ruckus.” Thanks for all the effort here, it is paying off. So far we’ve had articles and editorials in the Seattle Times, B’ham Herald, KOMO4, Lynden Tribune, NPR, Northern Light, Weekly . . . Today I was interviewed by the Washington Post! I have also been in touch with the offices of Kevin Ranker and Tina Podlodowski. We hope to effectively coordinating message and tactics. 1,158 people have signed our petition. The website and the @wheresdoug42 handle have solid use. Doug is not budging yet, but is feeling the heat. Messaging around his failure show up for work and do the job he was hired for are great and probably have the best bipartisan appeal. He is also bringing state legislative work to a halt. The Legislative Ethics Complaint has been received and they will determine if a case is appropriate at their meeting on 2/21/17. Finally we have begun the recall process. There is some red tape and such to wade through, but we will schedule a kick off event as soon as we have an approved recall petition. 18,000 42nd voter signatures needed. In the time being keep calling Doug, call the Governor, write editorials and circulate our resources. Great work everyone!

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