Demand that Senator Ericksen Resign from his position or Refund the taxpayers of Washington State for Half his salary and benefits!

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The constituents of Washington State’s 42nd District are missing their Senator. Doug Ericksen is supposed to work for our district and our State. However, since early January he has been in the 2500 miles away in DC working for the Trump Administration. As a result Ericksen has missed over 75% of his State committee hearings, legislative meetings and critical votes. Our Senator is delaying the important work of Washington State in his absence, all while collecting a full paycheck! Join us in telling Doug that it is not ok to double dip on the state and federal taxpayer dimes. We deserve your full time and attention in this state. Follow the lead of other State legislators, who have accepted jobs in the Trump Administration by resigning your position. If not, we continue to request a full taxpayer refund. That is the fiscally responsible and conservative thing to do!